Anne Sibert Buiter

Refereed Journal Articles — Anne Sibert

"Government Deficits in Large Open Economies: The Problem of Too Little Public Debt.Economics: The Open-Access, Open-Assessment E-Journal 10 (2016-2): 1–39, with Willem Buiter.

"The Fallacy of the Fiscal Theory of the Price Level One Last Time." Economics: The Open-Access, Open-Assessment E-Journal 12 (2018-48): 1–56, with Willem Buiter.

"Is Transparency about Central Bank Plans Desirable?" Journal of the European Economic Association 7 (June 2009): 831–57.

Deflationary Bubbles.” Macroeconomic Dynamics 11 (September 2007): 434–54, with Willem Buiter.

Central Banking by Committee.” International Finance 9 (August 2006): 145–68.

Credibility and Flexibility with Monetary Policy Committee.” Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 38 (February 2006): 23–46, with Ilian Mihov.

"Monetary Union and the Maastricht Inflation Criterion: The Accession Countries." Economics of Transition 12 (December 2004): 635–52, with F. Gulcin Ozkan and Alan Sutherland.

Monetary Policy Committees: Individual and Collective Reputations.” Review of Economic Studies 70 (July 2003): 649–66.

Monetary Policy with Uncertain Central Bank Preferences.” European Economic Review 4 (June 2002): 1093–110.

Monetary Union and Labor Market Reform.” Journal of International Economics 51 (August 2000): 421–36, with Alan Sutherland.

"The Timing of Multilateral Lending.” Economic Journal 110 (January 2000): 192–211, with William Perraudin.

UDROP: A Small Contribution to the New International Financial Architecture.” International Finance 2 (July 1999): 227–49, with Willem Buiter.

"Monetary Integration and Economic Reform." Economic Journal 109 (January 1999): 78–92.

"Government Finance with Currency Substitution." Journal of International Economics 44 (February 1998): 155–72, with Lihong Liu.

"Strategic Capital Taxation in Large Open Economies with Mobile Capital." International Tax and Public Finance 4 (July 1997): 243–62, with Jiming Ha.

"Portfolio Substitution and Exchange Rate Volatility." Journal of Monetary Economics 39 (August 1997): 517–34, with Jiming Ha.

"Unconventional Preferences: Do they Explain Foreign Exchange Risk Premia." Journal of International Money and Finance 15 (February 1996): 149–65.

"The Foreign Exchange Risk Premium: Is it Real?" Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 27 (May 1995, 301–17): with Craig Hakkio.

"The Allocation of Seigniorage in a Common Currency Area." Journal of International Economics 37 (August 1994): 111–22.

"Government Finance in a Common Currency Area." Journal of International Money and Finance 11 (December 1992): 567–78.

"Exchange Rates, Market Structure, Prices and Import Values." Economic Record 68 (September 1992): 233–9.

"The Macroeconomic Implications of Implicit Contract Models with Asymmetric Information." Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 22 (August 1990): 273–87, with Matthew Canzoneri.

"Taxing Capital in a Large Open Economy." Journal of Public Economics 41 (April 1990): 297–317.

"The Risk Premium in the Foreign Exchange Market." Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 21 (February 1989, 49–65.

"An Analysis of the Welfare Implications of Alternative Exchange Rate Regimes: An Intertemporal Model with an Application." Journal of Policy Modeling 10 (Winter 1988): 611–29, with Andrew Feltenstein and David Lebow.

"Elections and Macroeconomic Policy Cycles." Review of Economic Studies 55 (January 1988): 1–16, with Kenneth Rogoff.

"Capital Accumulation and Foreign Investment Taxation." Review of Economic Studies 52 (April 1985): 331–45.

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